Jeb Bush Takes a Swipe at President Trump on Twitter!

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Posted 5 days ago

Jebbie Bush took advantage of the liberal anti-Trump media today, and took a cheap shot at President Trump.
Bush immediately posted a second tweet echoing everything President Trump has been saying.

President Trump came under fire today after a controversial statement was leaked from a private meeting to the press.

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This was also posted about 5 days ago.

Nancy Pelosi Uses Offensive Nickname for Immigration Negotiators

Speaking of someone who shows signs of being mentally unfit for their position, Nancy Pelosi played to reporters using a nickname she came up with to call the immigration negotiators. "The Five White Guys" she calls them, which some are finding offensive. It sounds like Pelosi may be a little bit bitter about not being invited. reports: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., offered up a nickname for the group of five lawmakers currently negotiating an immigration deal, dubbing them the "Five White Guys." When asked Thursday who exactly is negotiating the immigration deal that would extend protections to recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Pelosi pointed to the second-in-commands in the House and Senate — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill. — and John Kelly, the White House chief of staff. "The 'Five White Guys' I call them ... You going to open a hamburger stand next or what?" Pelosi joked during her weekly press conference, garnering laughs from reporters in the room. Read more @ (Link: Please share and comment.

This was also posted about 5 days ago.

BREAKING: White House Issues Statement on Trump's Immigration Views

President Trump has never shied away from expressing his honest opinions with America, and will continue to put America first. After a meeting with lawmakers over immigration reform, the White House issued the following statement. “Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people. The President will only accept an immigration deal that adequately addresses the visa lottery system and chain migration — two programs that hurt our economy and allow terrorists into our country. Like other nations that have merit-based immigration, President Trump is fighting for permanent solutions that make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society, grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation. He will always reject temporary, weak and dangerous stopgap measures that threaten the lives of hardworking Americans, and undercut immigrants who seek a better life ¡n the United States through a legal pathway.” Please share and comment.