She's Backing Trump!

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Martha McSally is backing President Trump and his agenda 100% in Arizona.
The Republican Rep. didn't endorse Trump when he was running for president. reports: Republican Rep. Martha McSally is backing President Trump and his agenda in her bid to keep an Arizona Senate seat for Republicans -- shifting course from 2016 when she refused to endorse Trump’s presidential campaign.

"You better believe I will keep working with President Trump," McSally, a former fighter pilot, said Friday in officially announcing her candidacy.

Beyond failing to endorse Trump’s candidacy, McSally has also been critical of Trump’s words and actions during the first year of his presidency.

But she has also voted with Trump, a fellow Republican, nearly 97 percent of the time. GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, who now holds the seat, decided in October not to seek re-election amid his vocal opposition to Trump, in a state that gave Trump 49 percent of the vote in 2016.

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Pro-Trump Pastor Calls Out The Left For The Fake Concerns Over Haiti

Following a heated debate with MSNBC host Joy Reid, Pastor Mark Burns posted a video on Twitter saying Reid "should move to Haiti since she cares more for Haitians than Black Americans here in Poverty..."

"Just wanted to say to Joy, who I consider a friend, she's always been very kind and I think fair to me, but obviously in the interview you just saw, if you watched Joy Reid, that she should just move to Haiti since she's more concerned about Haitian immigrants than black Americans here in poverty," stated Burns. Reid immediately responded on her show, stating the two were not friends. "Sir, I always do try to be kind to the people who are on the show, but we're not friends. You're somebody that I am glad that you're willing to come on and I do try to be fair to you and I'm glad that you can see that." What do you think? Please comment and share.

This was also posted about 3 days ago.

BREAKING: Trump Strikes Back!!

President Trump took to twitter and fired shots at the Fake News on Saturday!

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