FLASHBACK: Feinstein Said America Can't Afford Mexican Welfare!

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Posted 12 days ago

In 1993, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) stated that America cannot afford to the "welfare system" for Mexico.  


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BREAKING: Feinstein Just Issued A Warning to Trump!

Senator Dianne Feinstein issued a warning to President Trump on Friday that congress would not stand for Special Counsel Mueller’s firing. The Hill reported: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Friday that Congress "won't stand for" President Trump firing special counsel Robert Mueller following reports that Trump tried to have Mueller fired last summer. "It's very unfortunate that this president doesn't respect the law or the Constitution, and if he fires Bob Mueller, I expect Congress won't stand for it and will take action," Feinstein said in a statement. Trump reportedly backed down from firing Mueller when White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign over the matter, refusing to give Trump's demand to the Justice Department. McGahn feared Trump firing the special counsel would raise concerns that Trump had obstructed justice during the investigation of possible collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign. Read story @ (Link: thehill.com) Please share and comment

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BREAKING: Feinstein and Schiff Are Blaming Russia!!

Senator Feinstein and Representstive Adam Schiff are now ordering facebook and Twitter to Investigate “Russian” accounts that are supposedly pushing for the release of a damaging memo in the Russia investigation.



It was just a week ago that Feinstein herself leaked the transcript of the Fusion GPS founder in order to “manipulate public opinion” and now she is trying to block the release of a memo related to the same investigation. How stupid do Democrats think the public is? This seems like another sad attempt to distract Americans from what is really going on.

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BREAKING: Dianne Feinstein Has Been Unmasked!!

Videos of Senator Diane Feinstein’s stance on immigration in the 90’s has emerged and they are a stark contrast to her “alleged” position today.

Fast forward to 2018 and here is the same Senator:


The real question we have to ask is what changed from then? The simplest for all the Democrat Obstructionist would be that Donald Trump is the President! Please share and expose Faker Feinstein!