Trump Wants To Build the FBI a New Building!

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Posted 12 days ago

As part of Donald Trump's infrastructure plan, there is over $2 billion set aside for the building of a new, state-of-the-art headquarters for the FBI.
This brings the total amount of money the FBI has for a new building to over $3.3 billion. reports: The Trump administration is moving ahead with a plan to revamp the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters.

A Department of Justice official told reporters Monday that included in the White House’s infrastructure plan, there is a line item of $2.175 billion for construction of a “modern and secure FBI building.”

That amount would be added to money the FBI had already allotted and is holding onto for the project, bringing the total to $3.3 billion.

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Details On President Trump's Infrastructure Plan Have Leaked - The Dollar Amount Is HUGE!

President Trump's administration is set to unveil a $1.5 TRILLION dollar infrastructure plan that will shorten pemitting, invest in rural areas, and train workers to build out American infrastructure. From Breitbart: President Donald Trump’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan to be released on Monday should shorten permitting processes, invest in rural infrastructure, and train workers for the jobs produced in the process of improving America’s infrastructure. The $1.5 trillion cost of the new plan would come from a proposed incentives package and enhance federal loan programs, according to a senior administration official who briefed reporters on Saturday. Two hundred billion of that would be federal funds, 100 billion of which would go toward incentives. The federal government will offer matching funds to state and local governments spending on infrastructure. “The President’s vision is to have a permanent fix for the problems that plague us in terms of under-investing and the length of the permitting process,” said the official who commented that the can has been kicked down the road for the past “couple of decades.” The official explained that “virtually 100 percent of major infrastructure in the U.S. requires some form of federal permitting,” but the federal government funds just about 14 percent of infrastructure costs, and owns an even smaller percentage. The remaining 86 percent of the funding comes from state and local governments and the private sector. The infrastructure plan set to be released on Monday has four objectives, according to the official: Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!

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Hillary Clinton Might Be Tied To The FBI's Illicit Sources!

Hillary Clinton is allegedly going to be tied to all of the FBI's illicit sources in the "Trump dossier" probe. From Lifezette: It’s likely that all four sources the FBI used to start spying on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign have connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to a top investigative journalist. Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal, both longtime political hit men for the couple, are tied to a “pipeline of Clinton-related information” that led into the Department of State, forming a second “dossier” of dirt on that was used to get spy warrants. Another source of information to the FBI was Fusion GPS, which was being paid by a prominent Washington, D.C., law firm, using funds from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee. “When that is all put together … four out of four things the FBI used to start listening in on the Trump campaign comes back to the Clinton family,” said John Solomon, an award-winning investigative journalist and executive vice president of The Hill. The FBI may be guilty of some politics in the so-called Trump-Russia collusion case, said former Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, sitting in Friday night for host Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.” Read more: (Link: Please share and comment!