Paul Ryan Cheers On His Favorite Olympic Curling Team

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Posted 6 days ago

One of the most obscure sports in the Winter Olympics is curling.
Speaker Paul Ryan however, is looking forward to cheering on his favorite women's curling team.

What's your favorite Winter Olympic sport?

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These North Korea Cheerleaders are Creepy

The media has fallen in love with the large group of North Korean cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics, but they seem to be missing one key feature about them. The cheerleaders doing their routines are really creepy.

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Media Fawns Over North Korean Cheerleaders and We’re All Wondering Why

The mainstream media is in absolute awe of North Korea at the Winter Olympics. From Kim Jong Un’s sister, to the athletes and even the cheerleaders, the headlines all shout adulation, despite the fact that the country should not have even been allowed to participate. The Daily Wire reported: The North Korean government has sent 22 athletes to the Olympic Games, which should not have been allowed in the first place. In addition to these 22 athletes, North Korea has sent a cheer squad of over 200 called the “Army of Beauties” chosen for their looks and loyalty to the government. These women are all over social media, performing choreographed routines at various sporting events with North Korean competitors. In one routine, they even held up masks with the face of Kim Jong Il, their former dictator. North Korean cheerleaders arrive in South Korea for the first time in 13 years (via @CGTNOfficial) — Global Times (@globaltimesnews) February 8, 2018 Wait for it.... one of the stranger moments of the night... North Korean Cheerleaders holding masks as they sing “Whistle” one of North Korea’s most popular songs. #Olympics2018 (Via @Kubik_Kamera) — Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBC) February 10, 2018 You would think in a situation like this, all Americans would react with disdain and apprehension, this being a clear act of propaganda, but you would be wrong. While some have done so, there are certainly those celebrating these women as a sign of peace to come. The media’s coverage of these antics has been lackluster at best. In perhaps one of the most egregious headlines, The Wall Street Journal wrote, “North Korean Cheerleaders: 100 Olympic Stars are Born.” The North Korean cheer squad’s presence was impossible for even the skaters to ignore.(Link: — The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) February 10, 2018 Along with a video of the squad posted on NBC’s twitter account they wrote, “This is so satisfying to watch.” Screenshot for posterity’s sake. — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) February 10, 2018 They later removed the tweet. Watch out for the new craze in satisfying videos. Political pawns in a tyrannical, murderous regime performing highly-choreographed routines to Bruno Mars is about to be all the rage. Twitter is overflowing with celebration of this distraction tactic. If you don’t believe me, just check out these tweets. North Korea's 200-plus cheerleaders steal spotlight at 2018 Winter Olympics with matching outfits, synchronized chants. (Link: — ABC News (@ABC) February 10, 2018 Here’s a look at one of the cheers being led by North Korean Cheerleaders at the hockey match. #Olympics2018 — Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBC) February 10, 2018 This is not to suggest that the media has been congratulating the North Korean government. However, anything less than condemnation of this ploy should be considered unacceptable. The headlines should have read, "North Korean Government Sends Cheer Squad to Olympics in Obvious Display of Propaganda." Unfortunately, most are simply not that direct. Read story @ (Link: Please share and comment