Kim Jong-un impersonator trolls North Korea, CNN likely very upset Kim was disrespected

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Posted 10 days ago

Bodyguards dragged a Kim Jong-un impersonator away after he reportedly showed up waving a flag in front of North Korea cheerleaders.

“Police have now surrounded and asked the apparent impersonator to come with him, he says his name’s Howard, was just cheering and looks like this, and didn’t commit any crime,” one reporter wrote on Twitter. “Refuses to go with them. South Korea police apparently unsure what to do.”

The impersonator was later detained but let go.

This was also posted about 13 days ago.

CNN is getting destroyed for their pro-North Korea articles

Twitter is calling out a CNN post that claimed "Kim Jong Un's Sister Is Stealing the Show at the Winter Olympics". Twitter users even made a flag representing what CNN is standing for.