Mike Pence Slams ABC Over Joy Behar's Comparison of Christianity to Mental Illness

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Posted 10 days ago

During an interview with Axios, Vice President Mike Pence was visibly disappointed with comments made by ABC's Joy Behar when she likened his faith to mental illness.


From Dailycaller.com: Vice President Mike Pence torched ABC and “The View” for comparing his religion, Christianity, to mental illness on their Tuesday broadcast.

“The View” cohost Joy Behar insisted that it was a form of “mental illness” for Pence to believe that Jesus is talking to him, and Pence did not hold back when asked about her comments during a Wednesday interview with Axios.

“Look, criticism comes with this job,” Pence said after a heavy sigh. “I heard that ABC has a program that compared my Christianity to mental illness. And I’d like to laugh about it but I really can’t.”

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