Coulter Wants a Fighting Chance!

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Posted 20 days ago

Ann Coulter talks about gun control, and how we should handle the danger of school shootings.
Coulter points out that she's an American, and wants to have a fighting chance.

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This was also posted about 20 days ago.

Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg Wants to Overhaul Our Government!

School shooting survivor David Hogg might as well be working for the media, with as much time as he spends in front of the camera. The media seems infatuated with the well-spoken young man, and you would think Hogg is running for office with as much attention he gets with him opinions on government policy. David's latest opinion? He wants to overhaul the entire House of Representatives. reports: Parkland shooting survivors and activists David Hogg and Ryan Deitsch are demanding gun control legislation from elected officials, in addition to confronting lawmakers who take donations from the NRA and others in the gun lobby. They also join Joy Reid to discuss gun advocates accusing them of being actors. source @ (Link: Please share and comment.

This was also posted about 20 days ago.

Uh OH! ANTIFA Just Showed Up!

Mike Cernovich is throwing a conservative function called Night For Freedom. The event has drawn in some big names in the conservative world, but someone else has also shown up. Videos and reports are showing ANTIFA has shown up at the event, and protests are mounting outside the building.

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