Amazing Video Shows Driver in Unexpected Traffic Jam!

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Posted 20 days ago

We all hate being stuck in traffic, and when we think about it, I doubt anyone pictures the foothills of South Dakota.
That's exactly where this person found a traffic jam though.

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New Trend, People Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Filtered Selfies!

A new trend has emerged among young people when it comes to how they look. People are actually getting plastic surgery to look like their filtered selfies on apps like Snapchat and Instagram. reports: Snapchat and Instagram filters are changing the way young people look at themselves. A new phenomenon of using filtered selfies as a guide for plastic surgeons is on the rise, and has been coined “Snapchat Dysmorphia” by Dr. Matthew Schulman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City. The filters – an effect that can transform facial features, typically by smoothing skin and enlarging eyes and lips – have been accused of making people forget what they truly look like. “There’s an issue with losing perspective on what you actually look like, and it’s not something we talk about much,” Renee Engeln, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, and author of “Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women,” said to the Huffington Post. more @ (Link: Please share and comment.

This was also posted about 20 days ago.

Justin Trudeau Just Did It Again!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has managed to make a fool of himself once again and this time insulting the entire nation of India in the process. The Daily Wire reported: Fresh off lecturing a young woman to say “peoplekind” instead of “mankind,” Canada’s pretty boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stepped in it again, this time insulting the entire nation of India during his boondoggle of an eight-day family workcation. Twitter lit into Trudeau, 46, this week, for wearing over-the-top, traditional Indian attire that appeared at once desperate and condescending. Sherwanis; kurta shirts; an awkward outfit straight out of central casting for a Bollywood bridegroom.

“It’s a kind of reverse colonialism to want to mimic the ‘native’. Doing a kurta number as a salute to a culture is one thing, but Justin Trudeau’s display of trousseau like repertoire of multi-coloured kurtas has begun to grate,” wrote Indian political consultant Dilip Cherian.

“Offending garments include Trudeau's long, multicolored sherwanis, usually worn on special occasions such as weddings or in Bollywood movies,” wrote The Washington Post’s New Delhi correspondent, Vidhi Doshi. “Trudeau wore a sparkling gold one to a meeting with Bollywood's top brass while the film stars wore muted black suits. Add to that the Canadian first family's posey, soap-opera style namastes, and it's enough to keep social media here buzzing with memes and jokes.” Read story @ (Link: Please share and comment