Scientists Admit They Were Wrong About Trump!

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Scientists admitted they were wrong after reviewing a congressionally mandated report on climate change.
The scientists had wrongfully expected President Trump to suppress the report, and were actually pleased with how through the information was.
Now if only more people, and the Democrats, would do the same and allow Trump's actions to dictate what is said and thought about his role as President.

Loading... reports: The National Academies’ committee that reviewed the draft of the Fourth National Climate Assessment said it was “impressed by the accuracy of information and thorough discussion of the predominant aspects of climate change and impacts presented in the draft,” according to a summary of the committee’s findings.

“The 1,506-page draft report provides a strong foundation of climate science and a solid discussion of climate change impacts occurring or likely to occur in the United States,” the report stated.

The National Academies of Sciences, the nation’s premier scientific institution, was asked to review the report by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, created by the government to track the effects of climate change.

It is the fourth assessment to be drafted by the research program since its creation 25 years ago. The draft version of the report is being finalized before being delivered to Congress at the end of the year. The National Academies review is a key milestone.

Scientists working on the report had feared that it would be suppressed by the Trump administration, given President Trump’s opposition to climate change and June decision to leave the Paris climate change deal.

Trump administration officials said those fears were unfounded, pointing out that the report was available publicly on the climate program’s website and no efforts were made to suppress its findings.

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Schumer Says President Trump is Afraid!

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