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Senator Joe Manchin's wife has been fired.
Gayle Manchin was the state secretary of the arts for West Virginia. reports: What Republicans call a cost-cutting measure, West Virginia Democrats describe as a partisan purge. Either way, the firing of state secretary of the arts, Gayle Manchin, is quickly becoming an ugly political story.


The dismissed state arts secretary, it happens, is married to Joe Manchin, the Democratic senator who is struggling to keep his blue head above the water in red West Virginia. Gayle Manchin, originally appointed to her position in Jan. 2017, long before Gov. Jim Justice switched parties to become a Republican, was critical of legislation that would dismantle her office at the state Department of Education. She called it “politically motivated” and threatened to resign.

“Signing this legislation will hurt our children, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and disaster response training. In addition, it eliminates a statewide advocacy for the arts,” Manchin said in a public statement aimed at the governor. In it, she offered to resign in order “to remove any political pressure to save all of these important programs.”

The governor responded by accepting her resignation. She then tried to un-resign.

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BREAKING: We Just Learned The Real Reason Tillerson Was Fired and It’s Not What The Media Is Reporting!

Although, the media and pundits are trying to claim Rex Tillerson was fired by Trump for speaking out against Russia in the assassination of a former spy, it is more likely that Tillerson attempted to salvage the Iran Deal which was in stark contrast to what the President wanted. reported: The abrupt firing Tuesday of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson follows months of infighting between the State Department and White House over efforts by Tillerson to save the Iran nuclear deal and ignore President Donald Trump's demands that the agreement be fixed or completely scrapped by the United States, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon. In the weeks leading up to Tillerson's departure, he had been spearheading efforts to convince European allies to agree to a range of fixes to the nuclear deal that would address Iran's ongoing ballistic missile program and continued nuclear research. While Trump had prescribed a range of fixes that he viewed as tightening the deal's flaws, Tillerson recently caved to European pressure to walk back these demands and appease Tehran while preserving the deal, according to these sources. The Free Beacon first disclosed this tension last week in a wide-ranging report. White House allies warned Tillerson's senior staff for weeks that efforts to save the nuclear deal and balk on Trump's key demands regarding the deal could cost Tillerson his job, a warning that became reality Tuesday when Trump fired Tillerson by tweet. Tillerson will be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a former member of Congress who established a record as being tough on Iran and echoing many of the policies called for by Trump. Insiders expect Pompeo to take a much harder line on the nuclear deal and pursue many of the fixes advocated by Trump, such as outlawing Iran's ballistic missile program and instating fierce repercussions for any future breach. While Tillerson's exit had been rumored for months, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation said the former secretary's repeated attempts to balk the White House and pursue his own diplomatic strategy, particularly regarding Iran, triggered his sudden exit. Sources with knowledge of the matter said the White House informed Tillerson on Friday that Trump was seeking to make a change. Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and vocal opponent of the nuclear deal, said he expects Pompeo to more faithfully execute Trump's policies regarding Iran. "President Trump has been clear that the Iran deal is terrible policy and has sought ways to hold Iran accountable," DeSantis told the Free Beacon. "With Mike Pompeo, Trump will have a Secretary of State who sees the threat posed by the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] and by Tehran in a similar light as he does." Read story @ (Link: Please share and commment