Driver Sentenced After Blowing Through Border and Injuring Agent!

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Posted 6 days ago

A man has been sentenced after he drove through a border stop, injuring an agent along the way.

The man was reportedly transporting two illegal immigrants across the border when he blew through a border checkpoint. After an ensuing 100 mph car chase, the driver was apprehended. He has now been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

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A driver who blew through a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint, severely injuring an agent, was sentenced on Friday to 30 months in prison, federal prosecutors announced.

Video of the November 2017 incident shows Jorge Garcia-Osornio's car barreling through the Pine Valley, California, checkpoint and smashing a steel-framed stop sign as the agent jumps out of the way.

The agent was struck by debris flying from the sign and, according to prosecutors, "likened the blow to being 'hit with a baseball bat."

Garcia-Osornio was allegedly transporting two undocumented immigrants when he crashed through the checkpoint and led other Border Patrol agents on a 100 mph chase, according to a press release by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California.

Garcia-Osornio, 28, of Michoacán, Mexico, pleaded guilty to transporting certain aliens. He claimed that he was going to be paid $1,400 to $2,000 for hiding the undocumented immigrants on the floor of his sedan, according to the press release.

Here's how some readers are reacting.

Clearly the problem here is that for a few thousand dollars, a person was willing to illegally smuggle humans across a border, blast through a border check point with total disregard of anyone's safety, and participate in a high-speed car chase. How is that even worth it? Some would argue that the two illegals being transported were looking for a better life. So how is that more important than the lives that could have been lost by numerous individuals in the process? Most people seem to agree that the sentencing was extremely light for the severity of the event.

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