Trump to Negotiate Long-Term Deal with Kim Jong Un

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Secretary Pompeo eluded to a long-term agreement being the focus for President Trump when he meets with Kim Jong Un.

Historically, deals negotiated in a manner that Kim Jong Un is suggesting have failed. Most likely President Trump will take the lead in the negotiations.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s vow to destroy his country’s nuclear-testing site is “a good first step” toward a summit agreement between Kim and President Trump, but repeated that both sides will have to take unprecedented steps.

“Kim understands this will have to be big and special,” Pompeo told “Fox News Sunday.” “I think Kim appreciates the fact this is going to have to be different. . . . If we can achieve an historic outcome, both sides have to come to play.”

However, he suggested that a phased-in or action-by-action type of negotiation between the leaders, as Kim has suggested, has historically failed.

“We’ve seen this before, and it’s failed,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo spoke after traveling last week to North Korea to negotiate with Kim on his final detail of the summit with Trump and to secure the release of three Americans imprisoned in the country.

Trump announced Thursday that the summit will be held June 12 in Singapore.

The president will trying to get Kim to give up his nuclear arsenal in exchange for economic support.

Pompeo also suggested Sunday, in his first interview since returning from North Korea, that the United States seeks a long-term agreement with Kim, not a so-called “regime change to replace him.

“Our hope is that Kim wants a strategic change, and President Trump is prepared to help,” the secretary said.

Pompeo also provided some specifics about how the U.S. might help North Korea, saying it would be through private-sector investment, not taxpayer money, and that it would focus on improving the country’s power grid and improve the Koreans’ food supply

Pompeo said last week that he told Kim while in Pyongyang that the United States aspires to have North Korea as a "close partner," not an enemy.

The event will be historic for sure, as no other president has made it this far with North Korea. Of course all the anti-Trumpers out there said this would never happen, as Trump would not be able to negotiate such a meeting. They were clearly wrong, and this is just another brick in the wall of Trump's kept campaign promises. Obama warned Trump that North Korea is our biggest problem and threat, and Trump is fixing it half way through his first term as president.

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