BREAKING: Stormy Daniels has been accused!

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Posted 5 days ago

Porn star Tasha Reign says she was sexually assaulted by a crew member on the set of "The Set Up," which was being directed by Stormy Daniels under Wicked Pictures. She tweeted to Daniels about the situation which the crew turned a blind eye to.

"I was innapropriately groped and sexually harassed by one of the men on your crew November 15th right before my BG scene. Which you were then made aware of that day. You continued to allow him to stay on the set with no reprocussion. I never questioned your directorial skills," Reign wrote.


Reign says she has a “horrible story” to tell me about herself and Daniels.

“I was sexually assaulted by one of her crewmembers. He groped and grabbed me from behind,” she says, wiping away tears. “I spoke up immediately because I was in the moment, and I was so proud of myself. She was the director that day, I went straight to her and straight to the man that did it, we had a conversation about it, I went to the owner of Wicked Pictures, I did all the right things. And she did not handle the situation appropriately, respectfully or professionally. So it’s a little bit outrageous when I hear her say things about how she is standing up for women and wants to be a voice for other women to be able to come forward when I was assaulted on her set and she didn’t give me any care or attention, and didn’t even send that man home.”

According to Reign, the alleged incident in question occurred on November 15 of last year during the filming of The Set Up, an adult movie directed by Daniels and produced under the Wicked Pictures banner.

“I’d always looked up to Stormy,” recalls Reign. “I’d shot for her before, ran into her at conventions. We even traveled once to Seattle at the beginning of my career when I believe they were considering me for a contract-girl position at Wicked. I know her, so I was stoked.”

Stormy Daniels is the new face of the Democrat Party. What is really pathetic is that the entire Democratic party has their hopes thrown onto the Stormy bandwagon. They've dropped everything about the Russia collusion conspiracy.


Granny 5 days ago (report)

Oh my day is getting better. Stormy is the stand up for the democrats. Let’s see, she’s the biggest screw up, that fits the democrats, she’s a whore, that fit the democrats, she takes money then says she never got it, that’s the democrats. Says she’s doing g this to protect women’s rights and lies, that fits the democrats. Anyone who wants to add to this feel free. What a poster girl to have, are you going to picture her in the nude or have a cover up, because that fits the democrats also, they cover up for all the crooks in their party.

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