BREAKING: Mueller Just Got Desperate!!

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Posted 9 days ago

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is pleading with a federal judge to block a request from Paul Manafort for a hearing on the leaks surrounding Russia’s election meddling.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly pressing a federal judge to turn down a request from former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to hold a hearing about leaks surrounding the investigation into Russia's 2016 election meddling.

Manafort has asked a federal judge in Virginia for a hearing where witnesses could be summoned to testify about leaks to the media, Politico reported Monday. He argued that the leaking of sensitive details about the investigation into him prevented him from getting a fair trial.

Prosecutors responded to Manafort in a court filing on Monday by arguing that the anonymously sourced news accounts Manafort's defense cited do not "mention the role or activities of a grand jury" and thus doesn't merit a hearing.

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Granny 9 days ago (report)

Manafort was a set up. Mueller-is grasping at straws. Time to give the taxpayers their money back you did nothing but try to make our country look stupid. Good grief you brought charges against a company that didn’t exist. I’m not a lawyer but I’d be smarter than that. Close the doors on this and walk away before you are handcuffed and lead away.

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