It May Be the End of the Road For Scott Pruitt!!

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 9 days ago

It seems like everyone wants the resignation of EPA Chief Scott Pruitt. Even know a top conservative magazine is calling for his resignation.

As reported by
The Weekly Standard is joining numerous left-wing voices in calling on Scott Pruitt, President Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief, to resign from his post.

In an editorial published Monday, the stalwart conservative publication said Pruitt has done good work at the agency and accomplished major conservative goals, which the publication strongly supports.

But, while they blamed the mainstream media for at least some of the controversies, the editors said Pruitt has gone way too far.

"The media, and especially the New York Times and Washington Post from which other media take their cue, shared the view of rank and file EPA bureaucrats that Pruitt was 'anti-science' and therefore illegitimate. His deregulatory efforts, in their view, would result in environmental catastrophe," the editors wrote.

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