BREAKING: Update Released On Melania Trump!!

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Posted 8 days ago

President Trump took to twitter on Tuesday and updated the world on Melania Trump’s condition after her surgery.

As reported by
The first lady is recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside of Washington after she underwent an embolization procedure on Monday for a "benign kidney condition."

The White House said the procedure was successful, and there were no complications.

The president visited the first lady at the hospital late Monday afternoon.

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta said Monday that while it was unclear what exactly the first lady's medical procedure was, an embolization procedure is typically done for cancer treatment.

"unclear exactly what [Trump] had done, an embolization procedure is typically done for cancer -

"Although it's very clear in this (White House) statement that this was a benign condition," Gupta said. "So it doesn't sound like it's any type of cancer."

This is great news. Please continue to pray for the full recovery of the first lady.
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