Boom! Kellyanne Conway put leakers on notice

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Posted 8 days ago

The White House is furious that leakers are trying to destroy the President's agenda. Kellyanne Conway tells Fox News that they will find the source of the problem and there will be firings.

MACCALLUM: I want to get your thought on one last thing and this is a Trump tweet from today on leakers. He said ‘The so-called leaks coming out of the White House are a massive over exaggeration put up by a fake news media in order to make us look as bad as possible. With that being said, leakers are traitors and cowards and we will find out who they are.’ Can you tell us about the process of trying to figure out who is leaking from the Communications Department and what’s going to be done?

CONWAY: I won’t tell you the process so much as to tell you that there are all kinds of leaks. Some leaks exist to hurt colleagues, some leaks exist because they disagree with the policies that are being put forth, but none of them are helpful. And I will tell you something else that’s going on in this White House, but not as badly as it was at the beginning, it’s not so much leaking as using the media to shiv each other. That was going on quite a bit at the beginning of the administration but it’s less so now. I think the president is on solid ground here, that if you work at the pleasure of the president, like we all do here, and you have the privilege and the blessing of coming every day to work in this White House on behalf of the nation that we all love then you want to be competent, you want to be loyal and you ought to be able to reinforce the agenda that prevailed here. I can’t go on more but I have several discussions with the president on this very topic today.

MACCALLUM: Do you expect personnel changes as a result?

CONWAY: I do actually, yes I do.

MACCALLUM: Interesting. Kellyanne Conway, always good to see you. Thank you very much.

According to reports, there are now “men in suits” roaming the hallways checking for unauthorized cellphone devices.


The men roam throughout halls and rooms to sweep for items such as personal phones, which they detect using a handheld device, inside sources told CNN. If something is detected, they’ll ask if anyone forgot to put away their phone, giving them a chance to come forward.

That’s taken as an extra precautionary step on top of ordering staffers to stash away all personal devices in their cars or in lockers by the entrances to the West Wing, the outlet reported.

While inside the building, they’re prohibited to use the devices throughout the entirety of the workday. Aides told CNN that’s resulted in crowds of officials gathering around the lockers to check the loads of messages that have piled up on their phones while they’ve been gone.

We offer a much simpler solution. Why not give lie detector tests to those who were in the room? Any and all leakers should be fired, censured and “blacklisted” so they will never be able to hold any government position.