BREAKING: Crowdpac shuts down Republican Candidate’s Fundraising killing one grassroots funding sources

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 8 days ago

Crowdpac is now a partisan political entity. The website was supposed to be a place for ordinary citizens to donate to candidates of their choice, but that is not the case anymore. According to an email sent to the @Bradley4Senate (James P Bradley for US Senate) campaign, views aligned with President Trump's or "Trumpism" are not allowed on their platform.

The Washington Post wrote a story about its founder describing the website like "a for politicians".


Dressed in a striped T-shirt and shorts, Steve Hilton is enthusiastically gesticulating at his MacBook Air, explaining how he intends to reshape American politics with a Web site. This week, he launched Crowdpac, a political start-up that helps ordinary voters to find and donate to candidates who fit with their own views — a for politicians.

After bold, unconventional attempts to disrupt British politics, the colorful former aide to Prime Minister David Cameron is turning his attention to Washington. Having worked in politics for two decades, advising the Conservative Party with a radical zeal, the man dubbed by the British press a “pint-sized Rasputin” is aiming high with his new venture.

Powered by a humongous amount of data, custom algorithms and a few political brains from Stanford University, he hopes Crowdpac will further his long-term goal of empowering individuals to make their own decisions about politics without the filter of lobbyists, political insiders and big donors. Whether he will have more success with this venture than similarly ambitious enterprises that fell short in Britain remains to be seen.

It's obvious now that Crowdpac will not allow political views counter to theirs. Crowdpac shutting down a Republican Candidate's source of fundraising is outrageous and everyone should call them out for it.


Granny 8 days ago (report)

So shut them down. Hasn’t anyone learned that if you want to pick sides you lose. Just another one to add to the list to boycott. Let him have his snowflakes to deal with, but he better remember that snowflakes melt and all he’ll have is a puddle of water that will evaporate.

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