BREAKING: Gina Haspel Just Flipped!!

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Posted 8 days ago

CIA Nominee Gina Haspel reportedly sent a letter to the senate denouncing the “enhanced interrogation” program used post 9/11.

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Gina Haspel, President Trump's pick to lead the CIA, told a key Democratic lawmaker that the agency should not have used so-called enhanced interrogation techniques in the years following the Sept. 11 attacks.

The agency's controversial detention and interrogation program - and the degree to which Haspel is willing to denounce it on moral grounds - has become the central focus of the debate over her confirmation to lead the spy agency.

"While I won't condemn those that made these hard calls, and I have noted the valuable intelligence collected, the program ultimately did damage to our officers and our standing in the world," Haspel wrote in a Monday letter to Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-Va.). "With the benefit of hindsight and my experience as a senior Agency leader, the enhanced interrogation program is not one the CIA should have undertaken."

The letter represents a marginally stronger stance on the controversial program than Haspel took during her confirmation hearing last week.

Haspel said then that the program would not be restarted under her leadership. Citing a lack of interrogation expertise within the agency, Haspel argued that the CIA should not "get back in that business" - but she dodged Democratic questions about the program's morality.

Haspel is doing what she needs to do in order to get confirmed as CIA Director even if that means coddling snowflakes that always peddle the moral high ground get enjoy the freedoms they are given by those willing to do what is necessary.

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Billy 8 days ago (report)

She has not flipped, she said that from the beginning.. get your story straight

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Granny 8 days ago (report)

Sorry do t want her now. What will she flip on next for the snowflakes. Just another woman who can’t hold her ground. So very disappointed in her. Find a good man to replace her.

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