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Posted 6 days ago

The DOJ Inspector has reportedly finished the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and is putting the finishing touches on the report.

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The Inspector General at the Department of Justice is putting the finishing touches on his official report detailing the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server; announcing officials will begin receiving the material as early as this week.

According to the Washington Post, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has reportedly wrapped up his probe into the FBI’s botched investigation into whether the former Secretary of State broke the law when mishandling classified information.

“The report is expected to blast former FBI director James B. Comey for various steps he took in the investigation, particularly his announcing in July — without telling his Justice Department bosses what he was about to say — that the FBI was recommending that Clinton not be charged, and for revealing to Congress just weeks before the presidential election that the bureau had resumed its work, people familiar with the matter said,” writes the Washington Post.

Horowitz began his investigation into Comey’s Hillary probe in January 2017, following new questions over the former bureau boss’s relationship with senior Obama officials and illegal leaking from inside the agency.

We’re finally going to see the truth. We’re going to discover Comey’s role in letting Hillary walk free and now there is a chance we may see an indictment.

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Christine Ligon 6 days ago (report)

I cant wait to see this report.I never did trust her.Thank God she is not our president.

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Dr Harold Westra 6 days ago (report)

My bet is she will,if she has not at this time, disappear.

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