BREAKING: Schumer Just Had A Meltdown!!

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Posted 6 days ago

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just had a meltdown over President Trump’s comments regarding MS13 gang members being “animals”.
Chuck appears to have joined with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in defending the animals.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer railed against President Trump’s harsh rhetoric towards violent street gang MS-13 Wednesday; taking the President’s comments out of context and equating violent offenders to “our great grandparents.”

The President was responding to a California lawmaker’s complaint that local officials were unable to notify ICE officials of MS-13 gang members detained in county jails; saying federal authorities were working to bypass the “ridiculous” sanctuary city policies and deport “animal” criminals from the United States.

Schumer slammed the President’s harsh rhetoric on social media within hours, saying “When all of our great-great-grandparents came to America they weren’t ‘animals,’ and these people aren’t either.”

Schumer and Pelosi really are like two peas in a pod. How could they be so out of touch? To call savage gangsters who rape and dismember innocent people animals, is not harsh rhetoric.

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Joan 6 days ago (report)

The Demoncrats and the left are ALL COMMIES.

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