Ingraham Calls Out The Anti-Trump Media!!

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Posted 6 days ago

Laura Ingraham called out the anti-Trump media for their comments and reactions to the historic summit between President Trump and Kim Jong un.

Ingraham blasted the left leaning media's response "galling and predictable and oh-so-blatant" as the news host pointed out how the left has changed over the years, moving far away from the group they once were.

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In her Angle commentary, Laura Ingraham said the anti-Trump media response to his Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is "galling and predictable and oh-so-blatant."

Ingraham said that the left has "changed" since the pro-peace movements of the 1970s she said were led by performers like Jackson Browne and others.

"The left thought we should all stop being so belligerent toward the Soviet Union," she said, adding that they should have then viewed the Singapore summit as a "moment to savor."

Ingraham ripped former Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.), who hosts MSNBC's morning show, as an example of such behavior.

"Donald Trump -- The real estate developer doesn't realize that this dictator doesn't want beach condos [in North Korea], he wants nuclear weapons," Scarborough said.

Ingraham went on to expose various negative criticisms the media and others stated in response to the Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un. Ingraham pointed out a fact that most Trump supporters already see, and that is no matter what President Trump accomplishes, the left will never give the president any credit.The deep-rooted and unwarranted hatred for Trump by the left has pushed them to the point of being anti-American at times, and they seem fine with that.

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