Italy And France Are In A Standoff!

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Posted 6 days ago

Tensions are continuing to rise between Italy and France, and at the center of it all is migration. France criticized Italy for turning away a ship loaded with hundreds of migrants, which in turn caused Italy to call on France to take in more asylum seekers.

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Italy summoned the French ambassador and demanded an apology as it ramped up its standoff with Paris over migration on Wednesday.

The new populist Italian government challenged France to take in more asylum seekers after French President Emmanuel Macron accused them of cynical, irresponsible behavior for refusing entry of a rescue ship with hundreds of migrants on board.

In addition to summoning the French diplomat, Italy also canceled a planned between the countries’ finance ministers and warned that diplomatic relations have been compromised.

"I speak in the name of a government but I also have the aim of speaking for a people who have nothing to learn from anyone about generosity, volunteerism, welcome and solidarity," Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said to applause in the Senate chamber.

Italy has faced condemnation — and praise from others — for turning away the Aquarius rescue ship over the weekend, which was stuck in the Mediterranean Sea for days with 629 migrants onboard. Rome argues other European countries must step in, and that its passengers were never in danger.

Do you agree that other countries should step in and take some of the burden? Shouldn't it be up to the individual countries on how they want to handle the situation? A lot of these questions are the same ones we've been facing. Only our problem isn't several hundred people tooling around on a boat looking for a place to port. We're facing millions of them, and they are already living here.

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Pissed off tax payer 6 days ago (report)

Hell no! We should all start worrying about our own. I'm sorry to be so harsh but I see families with children suffering financially and struggling to put food on the table. Meanwhile refugees flood in an we foot the bill (taxpayers). Welfare, food stamps, and free health care. Charity begins at home. Try it Washington.

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