Chris Cuomo's Programming - And Ratings - Has Been Exposed!

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Chris Cuomo's "nonpartisan" prime-time CNN show has totally flopped, coming in dead last in the ratings, while simultaneously being exposed as duplicitious and promoting monopolistic practices.

From Free Market Shooter:

Last week, CNN debuted Cuomo Prime Time – a show hosted by Fake News flunky and network “superstar”, Chris Cuomo. Despite the show being labeled as nonpartisan – it’s, of course, anything but.

CNN head, Jeff Zucker said of Cuomo’s new show and their competitors:

One of them has already convicted Donald Trump and one of them has already exonerated Donald Trump. We are looking for the truth.

Although the new show was heavily promoted and advertised, it still finished behind MSNBC programming in its first week. Compared to the same week last year, CNN’s viewership is down by 9%. By the end of Cuomo Prime Time’s first week, 23% of viewers who tuned in for the show’s premiere on Monday had already tuned out by Friday.

Numbers don’t lie – in its premiere week, Cuomo Prime Time averaged 1.1 million viewers while MSNBC’s Maddow averaged 2.6 million and Fox News’ Hannity averaged 3.2 million.
As Fox News details, Cuomo’s new show didn’t exactly draw in the younger crowd. In the demographic of adults aged 25-54, Cuomo averaged 377,000 viewers in his first week – whilst Maddow averaged 519,000 demographic viewers comparatively.

Cuomo told the Associated Press:
The independent thinker, the open-minded person doesn’t have anywhere to go. So we are building a home for them.

The irony of CNN and Chris Cuomo to suggest that they’re attempting to build a prime-time show that’s “nonpartisan” and “independent” should not be lost on anyone. Cuomo, known for his anti-Trump nature and chaotic, messy outbursts – isn’t exactly the anchor that should be hosting an “open-minded” show, seeing as how his political positions have been revealed time and time again.

Case in point…

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Anonymous c02ca2 5 days ago (report)

Watch it!! No one can beat Ted Cruz in a debate. Chris Cuomo needs to think twice before taking on someone with some brains. You know when God asked Chris if he wanted a brain Chris answered, 'If it's raining I'll take an umbrella". destroyer of truth.

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