Fan Denounces De Niro After Actor's Anti-Trump Rant! Look What He Destroyed!!

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Posted 6 days ago

A Staten Island man says he was a huge fan of De Niro, until the actor decided to go on an impulsive anti-Trump rant. So angered by De Niro's outburst, the man destroyed a portrait of the very actor he once idolized.

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A Staten Islander was so incensed at Robert De Niro’s “F–k Trump” statement at the Tony Awards that he smashed a cherished portrait of the actor from his role in “Goodfellas.”

Joseph DeVito pulled the De Niro picture off the wall in his hallway and dragged it out to the garbage pail before destroying it, frame and all, according to video obtained by SILive.

“This used to be my idol, I used to love this guy,” DeVito said while pulling the picture off the wall.

“But after what he did last night at the Tonys — this is where Robert goes.”

After placing the picture in the garbage pail, DeVito reaches into an outdoor bin holding a variety of tools, gloves and a large rope before pulling out a hammer-like object.

“You’re a real piece of s-t,” DeVito says after smashing the glass to pieces. “Another Trump hater down.”

By butting into politics with their extremely sheltered liberal views, all these celebrities are doing is losing respect and fans. They don't live like the rest of us. They don't deal with the day to day struggles that Americans do. What are these celebrities going to do once Americans quit being fans, quit supporting them, and quit buying tickets to watch them perform and entertain?

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JP Michigan 6 days ago (report)

If I knew how to get hold of this guy I would send him a few $100 for a nice dinner and a nice bottle of vino. Duh-Niro is an asshole and he has proven it over and over.

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Anonymous ee1fa4 6 days ago (report)

At least I still have Al Pacheco!

Al was always my favorite anyways

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