Look What A GOP Congressman Just Revealed About SCOTUS

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A GOP Congressman believes Justice Ginsburg and Kennedy will try to hold out retirement until President Trump’s term ends.

As reported by thehill.com

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio), who's running to be the next Judiciary Committee chairman, said Friday that some justices on the Supreme Court may be trying to stave off retirement until President Trump leaves office.

Chabot indicated he has no inside knowledge of the thinking of Justices Anthony Kennedy or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who are frequent subjects of speculation about retirements. But he said it's a subject of discussion.

"The speculation is that some of these people are holding on because they don't necessarily want this particular president to appoint their successor," Chabot said in an interview with Hill.TV's "Rising."

"We don't know" if there will be any Supreme Court vacancies this year," Chabot said.

One of the last lines of defense of the left is SCOTUS. If Ginsburg and Kennedy retires, Trump will install two additional conservative judges, swinging the courts to the right.

Since President Trump took office, he has appointing conservative judges at a very fast pace.

As reported by reuters.com

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As President Donald Trump pursues his goal of making the federal judiciary more conservative, his fellow Republicans who control the Senate are poised to confirm another batch of his picks for influential U.S. appeals courts to the dismay of some Democrats.

The Senate this week is set to take up six of Trump’s nominees to the regional appeals courts, including four from states that have at least one Democratic senator.

A long-standing Senate tradition that gave senators clout over judicial nominees from their home states has been fraying for years, meaning Democrats have less of a chance of blocking appointees they oppose, as they did with some success during Republican former President George W. Bush’s administration.

One of those due for consideration on the Senate floor this week is Milwaukee lawyer Michael Brennan, who Trump has nominated for a vacant seat on the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over a region that includes Wisconsin. One of Wisconsin’s two senators, Democrat Tammy Baldwin, opposes Brennan’s confirmation.

Another important test will come at a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Wednesday for Ryan Bounds, a federal prosecutor from Oregon nominated by Trump to fill a seat on the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Oregon’s two senators, both Democrats, oppose the nomination.

Brennan, Bounds and other Trump nominees who may be opposed by home-state Democratic senators are likely to win confirmation because of the Republicans’ 51-49 Senate majority.

Trump has made quick progress in reshaping federal appeals courts, winning Senate confirmation of 15 nominees to fill vacancies on federal appeals courts. Trump’s Democratic predecessor Barack Obama won confirmation of nine appeals court judges by the same point in his first term.



Granny 25 days ago (report)

Hell maybe God will call them home and then they will be retired. Should have been gone a long time ago. If you can’t stay awake through a session you belong in a home.

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joe 25 days ago (report)

Ginsberg may not have a choice when she gets impeached for colluding with the Clinton's and Loretta Lynch for her seat.

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