Boom! Trump waves magic wand. OPEC just gave the order

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 25 days ago

Unlike Obama, President Trump truly has a magic wand to lower gas prices. The AP is reporting OPEC oil countries agreed Friday to increase their combined production by almost 1 million barrels a day.


Members of the cartel emerged from a summit on Friday with an agreement to boost crude oil production.

The deal announced at a press conference in Vienna is aimed at easing fears of a global supply crunch and helping to bring down prices that had spiked by as much as 20% this year.

Suhail Mohammed Faraj Al Mazrouei, the current head of OPEC and energy minister of the United Arab Emirates, said the group would increase its output to the maximum allowed under the terms of a production agreement struck in 2016.

The goal of the 2016 agreement between OPEC and other major producers, including Russia, was to slash output in order to support prices and rid markets of excess supply.

We don't recall Obama demanding that OPEC increase its production to lower gas prices in the United States. President Trump did just that and OPEC did just that!


Dcvan 25 days ago (report)

It's good news too bad those who only listen to main stream fake news will never know the truth! Demoncats are going to take credit wait and see!

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