The Pentagon Dragged Their Feet, So Trump Took Action!

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Posted 25 days ago

President Trump's announcement of an additional military branch took the Pentagon by surprise, but it shouldn't have.

Trump's recent announcement of creating a "Space Force" wasn't a new idea, but the Pentagon wasn't expecting it. President Trump had brought the subject up two times previously, but the Pentagon did nothing in return, other than say that now was not the time. So Trump did what he does best, and took actions into his own hands.

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President Donald Trump’s announcement of a new “Space Force” came after he concluded that the Pentagon was dragging its feet on the effort he’d proposed months earlier — and it caught military brass off guard, a new report said Friday.

Monday’s announcement went against the Pentagon’s well-known opposition to establishing a sixth branch of the US military, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and the service’s senior commanders had attended a strategy session in Ohio last week but had no clue that Trump was about to make the announcement, the paper reported, citing a source who was there.

Trump first broached the idea in March and then in more detail on May 1.

But when the commander-in-chief makes a public announcement and feels his appointees are dragging their feet, he often publicly demands action, as he did Monday, directing the Pentagon to proceed with plans for the creation of the “Space Force.”

Most people seem excited about the idea of having a 'Space Force', which should open entirely new doors for growth as a country and even for the world. Trump is accomplishing things left and right, and still has much more in mind to do. His administration needs to quit sitting on their hands, and get up to Trump's speed, or get out of the way.

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