Bad News For Dems! Look What a New Poll Just Revealed About New SCOTUS Nominee

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Posted 6 days ago

Obstruct and resist is the only thing democrats know how to do these days. Before knowing who President Trump’s nominee for SCOTUS was going to be, Dems preemptively banded together to stop the confirmation.

Unfortunately for the Dems, most voters from battleground states want the new SCOTUS nominee to be confirmed.

The meltdown from the left were immediate, following President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS.

Chuck n’ Nancy gave their two cents:

Planned Parenthood said the Senate should reject the newly picked SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh in fear of the overturning of “Roe vs Wade.”

The left’s resistance could play a factor in losing the 2018 midterms.


Granny 6 days ago (report)

Planned Parenthood lies in everything it says and does. If they can spend (our tax payer dollars) to fund people running for office, why should they get our money? I’ve been against abortions for as long as I can remember I don’t want it spent on abortions. Women are not going to lose their rights, there are enough forms of contraceptions out there that no one has to get pregnant. Oh I know rape, etc. that is not something planned parenthood gets involved in any way. You won’t lose anything with this choice ypu will gain in many ways.

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