DNC vice chair can’t even tell CNN what the Democratic Party is about!

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Posted 8 days ago

Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman Michael Blake was unprepared to answer Poppy Harlow’s question about the Democratic platform. The CNN grills Blake's video that was posted on Twitter.

“You want to be engaged? Vote out Republicans. That was a very clear message. What I didn’t hear in that message was vote for us Democrats because here is what we stand for. Is your party missing more of that?” Harlow asked.

“Not at all. Poppy, as you know from media, we shouldn’t take 30-second clips and make that an overall. When we talk about overall messaging, we’ve been very clear,” Blake explained.

The CNN reporter destroys Blake saying Democrats need to hear more than just "Vote out Republicans."

“I watched the whole clip. You could have posted as long as a clip as you want. You said, ‘Come to me, we’ll talk about education and criminal justice reform,’ but your main message was, ‘Go to the polls to vote out Republicans.’ Is that a winning strategy for Democrats come November? Do you need more?” Harlow said.


via dailycaller.com


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