Mike Huckabee Just Warned All Republicans Of Possible Apocalyptic Scenario - It’s Viral

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 7 days ago

The #OH12 special election is a wake up call folks!

Mike Huckabee on Thursday predicted to “Make Nancy Pelosi Speaker Again” if Republicans are complacent about these midterm elections.

“Lesson for Republicans from the Ohio special election: If you don't turn out and vote, "Make America Great Again" might become "Make Nancy Pelosi Speaker Again." And that's the exact opposite!” Huckabee tweeted, referencing the close election in Ohio.


Folks! The last person we want as Speaker is Pelosi. In order for MAGA, we have to vote. Let’s do it!


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ClaraIDavis 7 days ago (report)

Trump is out there working his ass off for US!!! We owe it to him to prevent liberals from destroying the monumental gains he has made thus far. Vote Vote Vote MAGA


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