Finally! Elizabeth Warren Admits the Truth to Everyone

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Posted 12 days ago

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday finally admitted that she has no tribal citizenship and apologized for not making that distinction clear. Despite using her alleged Native American heritage to advance her career.

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For a candidate who's not even technically a candidate yet, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has done a whole lot of battling with herself.

This time two words, in Warren's own handwriting, are forcing her to explain herself. The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that, in registering for the Texas bar in 1986, Warren wrote in for race: "AMERICAN INDIAN."

It prompted another apology from Warren, just days before she's set to formally launch her campaign.

The revelation seems to undercut her long-held contention that she never used her claim of Native American heritage in a professional setting that may help her career, though the Warren camp points out that information on the bar registration was for statistical purposes only and wouldn't have helped her professionally.

The problem for Warren isn't just that she walked into something of a trap set by President Donald Trump, with her DNA test and decision to litigate her heritage. The president's racist taunts remain far worse than anything supposed offense by Warren regarding her ethnicity.

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