JUST IN: Florida Politician Resigns!

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 11 days ago

Just not a good month for Florida politicians.

A Florida City Commissioner has resigned after being accused of licking men’s faces and groping.


As reported by thehill.com

A city commissioner in Florida resigned from her post this week after being fined by the state ethics commission for allegedly licking her male co-workers' faces and groping them.

Madeira Beach City commissioner Nancy Oakley stepped down from her role on Tuesday, according to a city spokesman.

"Following a ruling by an administrative law judge and a final recommendation from the Florida Commission on Ethics, Ms. Oakley decided to resign her position as a City Commissioner so that the community can move forward," Madeira Beach city spokesman Curt Preisser said in a statement to The Hill.

In a letter announcing her resignation, Oakley insisted she is innocent and said she plans to appeal the ethics commission's ruling, the Tampa Bay Times reported Wednesday.

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