Sean Hannity Has Reviewed the Green New Deal and His Response Is Viral Right Now

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Posted 11 days ago

Fox News Host Sean Hannity has reviewed the now “offline” Green New Deal by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and has called it “economically guaranteed to be Devastating”.

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Fox News host Sean Hannity offered a scathing review of the proposed Green New Deal backed by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D), calling it a "horrific - frightening, frankly - piece of legislation."

"She's calling it the Green New Deal. Now, everything we have been saying about the new radical extreme Democratic Party - what they were hiding in 2018 - now it's all in writing and it might be even worse than we thought," Hannity began during a Thursday segment on his show.

"Just hours ago, Ocasio-Cortez put together one of the most dangerous, impractically misguided, economically guaranteed-to-be-devastating plans ever championed by any American politician," Hannity continued, further saying that the plan, if ever passed, would be "guaranteed to fail and the results will be disastrous for the American people."

"I promise you [that] you might be thinking this is fake news - it is not. This is a real proposal, real ideas from real lawmakers in the new radical extreme democratic socialist party of America, beyond dangerous, beyond scary," Hannity said.

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