High School Lifts Suspension of Sstudent in MAGA Gear

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Posted 11 days ago

Perry High School officials agreed Wednesday to allow a student who was suspended after she wore “Make America Great Again” attire, to return to school after Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter on behalf of the student to Principal Dan Serrano.

From azcentral.com

Perry High School has agreed to lift the 10-day suspension of a freshman involved in last week's Make America Great Again controversy, according to a conservative legal advocacy group that threatened to sue the district on the student’s behalf.

Scottsdale-based Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter Wednesday to Perry Principal Dan Serrano and Camille Casteel, superintendent of Chandler Unified School District, asking that the school rescind its punishment of a student and allow her to return.

The organization also asked that the suspension be wiped from the girl's record, according to a copy of the letter posted to its website.

“While it’s good that the school is allowing (the student) to return to school, it isn’t acceptable that this unjust suspension will remain on her record,” Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel and director of the alliance's Center for Academic Freedom, said in a press release.

Terry Locke, the school district's spokesman, confirmed that the district received the letter. He said he was unable to provide further information because of student-privacy laws.