Trump Issues the Statement on Daylight Savings That We’ve All Been Waiting For

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Posted 10 days ago

President Trump appears to have gotten onboard with the make daylight savings permanent movement. He took to twitter on Monday to express his thoughts on it.

Some states are already jumping on the bandwagon:

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If you’re annoyed by having to change the clocks this weekend, take heart. This could be one of the last times you have to go through the time change ritual.

The Washington House of Representatives voted 89 to 7 Saturday in favor of observing daylight saving time year-round. The state Senate is expected to vote in the coming days on the issue, which is gaining steam in statehouses across the West. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has not yet signaled where he stands on the measures.

In Olympia, the state House vote happened mere hours before the annual “spring forward” ritual of switching to Pacific Daylight Time.

Washington, Oregon and California are among more than two dozen states weighing whether to abolish the twice-yearly time change, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The Oregon Senate holds a hearing on Tuesday on making later sunsets permanent. Oregon’s switch to year-round daylight saving time in 2021 would be contingent on approval from voters statewide at next November’s general election.

Last November, California voters gave the movement to abolish the twice-yearly time change a surge of momentum by voting 60 percent in favor of permanent daylight saving time during a referendum. The legislation approved by the Washington House on Saturday originally had a referendum clause too, but that was stripped out in committee to save money.

“I was taken aback by the interest throughout our state and it seems to be sweeping the nation,” said Democratic state Rep. Marcus Riccelli, the legislative sponsor. “I think we’ll see a reduction in crime. Kids that play after-school sports, it provides opportunities.”

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