JUST IN: State Department Issues Sad Statement

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 10 days ago

The State Department on Monday issued a sad statement in condolence for the victims of the crashed Ethiopian Flight.


As reported by latimes.com
The crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max jetliner on Sunday, killing all 157 aboard, had uncanny similarities to a fatal accident in Indonesia five months earlier, raising disturbing questions about a mainstay aircraft that airlines have bought by the hundreds.

The flight left Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, about 8:38 a.m. on a routine flight to Nairobi, Kenya, and was expected to make a clockwise turn to the south sooner than it did. The pilot radioed the control tower and asked for clearance to return to the airport, but the plane crashed about eight minutes after it took off.

The accident is being investigated by Ethiopia’s civil aviation authorities with assistance from Boeing Co. and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, which are all likely to be moving as quickly as possible to determine whether the 737 Max has a serious defect that links the two crashes. Safety officials emphasized that it is too early to reach any conclusions about the cause of Sunday’s crash.
But the potential effect on Boeing was driven home late Sunday when Chinese officials ordered local carriers to ground the 96 737 Max planes they operate, according to Bloomberg. China is one of Boeing’s most important markets.

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