Joe Biden Makes A Desparate Plea To His Crowd

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Posted 9 days ago

Former Vice President and 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden asked a crowd of firefighters he was speaking to on Tuesday to save their energy because he might need it.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden hinted at a 2020 presidential bid on Tuesday, telling a crowd in Washington to save their energy because he "may need it in a few weeks."

Biden's comments came at a conference of the International Association of Fire Fighters, the union representing firefighters and emergency services workers, where he delivered the keynote address.

"I appreciate the energy you all showed when I got up here," Biden said. "Save it a little longer, I may need it in a few weeks."

The remarks, greeted by cheers from the audience, suggest that Biden may be nearing a presidential announcement after years of speculation about whether he will seek to challenge President Trump in 2020.

Biden's looming entrance into the 2020 contest has cast a shadow over other Democratic White House contenders, who see a run by the former vice president as one of the more significant obstacles to securing the party's nomination.

Biden would enter the race with near-universal name recognition, as well as a vast network of political operatives and donors ready to play a supporting role in a campaign.

If Joe does decide to run for President he is definitely going to need it. What are your thoughts? Please share and comment with your opinions.