BREAKING: Texas Dem Defies Pelosi! He’s Moving Forward With Trump Impeachment

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Posted 9 days ago

Texas Democrat Rep Al Green is defying Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wishes in a vow to impeach President Trump.

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Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) on Tuesday vowed to force another House floor vote on impeaching President Trump, a day after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made her strongest statements yet opposing impeachment.

In a media blitz, with an interview with C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" and a press conference in his office, Green pledged to force a third impeachment vote and dared Democratic leaders to try to stop him.

"There will be another vote on impeachment," Green said in the C-SPAN interview. "If you desire to stop me, you but only have to change the rules so that I can't bring a vote on impeachment. Otherwise I will, because the Constitution and the rules allow any one person to bring a vote on impeachment."

Green announced last month that he would move forward with a third impeachment vote now that Democrats are in the House majority. Green didn't offer a timeline then or on Tuesday. He still has to introduce his new articles of impeachment.

Green pushed back on Pelosi's remarks, saying that "I think the country's worth it. I think the Constitution is worth it."

Green also dismissed the notion that Democrats should wait until Republicans get on board with the idea of impeaching Trump.

"If we wait on Republicans who are not going to buy in, then there won't be any impeachment," Green said during the press conference in his office.

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