BREAKING: Jeb Bush Was Just Exposed and It’s Bad

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Posted 8 days ago

Former presidential candidate Jen Bush has been exposed for taking money from China during his 2016 Presidential campaign.

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Trump famously ripped into Jeb Bush’s super PAC during the campaign and for good reason. Jeb raised over $100 million for his PAC, as he hinted he would enter the race, and when he had secured the war chest to scare off rivals, he announced his bid.

He couldn’t have raised all that money as a candidate because our laws are riddled with loopholes.

So he announced his run, and at the same time officially distanced himself from his super PAC (by appointing a long-time aide to run it).

No one bought it, but they all do it – they all get as close to the line as possible or just blur the line and do what they want. Our campaign finance laws are a joke which is why Pelosi can’t, not won’t, impeach Trump.

There is no way the American public will allow Trump to be removed from office for violating our BS campaign finance laws when Jeb Bush’s team is paying millions in fines for far worse – taking money from the Chinese.

This is a bipartisan failure – one of the guys under fire for allegedly funneling overseas money to Trump’s inauguration was a longtime Dem donor.

Foreign money is pouring into our campaigns and has been for some time, remember the Clinton/Gore Chinese cash scandal? We better figure out a way to stop it because no good can come of it. But more importantly, if a campaign finance violation is all they have on Trump, even if it is a foreign money violation not just using his own money to pay Stormey, there is no way Trump will be impeached. It would be too hypocritical, even for the swamp. Jeb’s team pays a fine but Trump gets impeached? That dog don’t hunt.

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