JUST IN: Former Trump Official Says We’re Heading to Impeachment

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Posted 8 days ago

Former Trump campaign manager David Bossie predicted that Democrats will eventually move to impeach President Trump.


As reported by thehill.com
Former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie predicted that Democratic lawmakers will eventually move to impeach President Trump.

"I see that's where these Democrats are headed," Bossie, who remains part of Trump's orbit, said on ABC News's podcast, "The Investigation" on Tuesday. "We are headed to impeachment."

Bossie made the comments in response to being asked whether he thought the White House was prepared for a possible onslaught of investigations from House Democrats.

"I would say you're never ready enough," Bossie said. "I'm just a guy who wants to make sure that you control every aspect of everything. So you know what's coming. You see around corners."

"So do I think the White House is ready? From a staff standpoint - I would say no, today," he added. "Do I believe they are in the process of getting ready? Yes."

Bossie spoke about the possibility of Trump's impeachment after talking with Republican House minority leaders, according to ABC News.

The former Trump campaign official said he told the lawmakers to get a "bigger staff and a bigger budget" as a way to prepare for potential investigations.

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