BREAKING: President Trump Has A Message For Congress Before Tomorrow’s Big Vote

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Posted 8 days ago

President Trump on Wednesday said the GOP is “overthinking” the National Emergency and they should simply support “border security.”

“Democrats will have a unanimous vote on a 20% issue in opposing Republican Senators tomorrow. The Dems are for Open Borders and Crime!” Trump tweeted.

“Republican Senators are overthinking tomorrow’s vote on National Emergency. It is very simply Border Security/No Crime - Should not be thought of any other way. We have a MAJOR NATIONAL EMERGENCY at our Border and the People of our Country know it very well!”

Four Senate Republicans have announced they are going to oppose President Trump’s national emergency.


The Senate will vote on a resolution of disapproval to terminate President Trump’s emergency declaration to build the border wall on Thursday, the top Republican in the Senate Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday.

The resolution of disapproval is expected to pass in an embarrassing rebuke to the president, despite a lobbying effort by the White House to clamp down on the number of Republicans who might vote with Democrats in supporting the resolution.

Four Republican senators including Susan Collins of Maine, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Rand Paul of Kentucky have previously announced they will vote to support the resolution along with all 47 Democrats.

One Republican senator signaled there are anywhere between three to eight Republicans who are likely to vote in support of the resolution.

Cross your fingers for tomorrow’s vote folks. We need Republicans to support President Trump.