JUST IN: The Dems Just Voted NO On the Bill

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Posted 5 days ago

Democrat Lawmakers in New York have voted down a
new bill that would have given free college tuition to Gold Star families.

As reported by theconservativeopinion.com
Democrat lawmakers in New York are in the midst of a growing controversy where gold star families are being put behind illegal aliens.

Law Enforcement Today reported that New York just showed that they care more about illegal immigrants than they do about service members that die for our country.

A new bill in New York would have offered free college tuition for Gold Star families.

New York lawmakers killed that dream on Tuesday. According to reports from Syracuse News, the board voted to not advance the measure, taking away any chance that it had to making it to a floor vote in this session.

Just a week ago, New York passed its $175 billion budget for the 2019 year, in which $27 million was promised for tuition assistance for undocumented immigrants.

That’s right. People who live here illegally have more of a right to get an education than families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, according to New York anyway…


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