Pelosi Just Claimed A Victory in Her First 100 Days

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Posted 3 days ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that the democratic agenda has been very successful in her first 100 days as Speaker.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi contended Sunday that despite taking control of the House of Representatives three months ago, the Democratic agenda has thus far been successful.

“We’ve only been together 100 days,” Pelosi responded on “60 Minutes” when asked about accusations she refuses to reach across the aisle and therefore “nothing is getting done”. “The fact that we’ve even passed them in the House is a victory.”

“Let’s figure out the places, figure out where we can find common ground,” she continued. “There’s always been bipartisan support for Dreamers, bipartisan support for gun safety, bipartisan support for infrastructure.”

The comments come in contrast to those of the Republican House leadership, who gathered outside the Capitol days earlier to criticize Democrats’ lack of accomplishments since gaining the majority.

“We are three days away from the 100-day mark of Democrats holding the majority of the House … and you can sum up the first 100 days in three words: radicalism, resistance and resolutions,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said during a press conference Wednesday.

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