Elizabeth Warren Just Had Her Big Obama Moment and It’s Bad

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 8 days ago

Senator Elizabeth Warren had her own Obama moment when she endorsed big government and claimed nobody in America succeeds on her own.

As reported by theconservativeopinion.com
2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren, is hoping that her call for even bigger government will win her the Democrat primary.

The struggling 2020 candidate took to the campaign trail and announced that no one in America succeeds on their own.

The line of reasoning reminded some of Obama’s classic “you didn’t build that” speech.

Washington Examiner reported that big government is a home game for big business. Who can better pocket the subsidies, game the rules, afford the regulations, shape the policies, and buy and pay for the politicians? Warren knows firsthand how big government serves the big and well-connected.

Warren touts her favored regulations by pointing out how much big business loves them. “Industry leading firms including Vanguard, TIAA, and Transamerica expressed their support for the rule,” Warren’s office bragged of her proposal to force stock brokers to adopt the business model these giants use. She actually held up the support of BlackRock and Capital One to demonstrate the virtue of her favored rule.

She has worked closely with the hotel lobby to craft rules cracking down on the ability of homeowners to compete with hotels.

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