Mayor Bill DeBlasio To Fine Trump $2.1 Million To Comply

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Posted 6 days ago

Mayor Bill De Balsio said NYC will fine Donald Trump $2.1 million of his buildings do not comply with environmental standards.

From CN:

MANHATTAN (CN) – Before becoming president, Donald Trump created his international real estate brand on large towers made from mirrored glass. On Monday he received a warning to quickly make those skyscrapers energy efficient or face up to $2.1 million a year in fines.

Mayor Bill De Blasio made the announcement this morning with New York City’s Green New Deal set to take effect on May 17. The Democratic mayor and rumored hopeful candidate for the 2020 election season said that at least eight of Trump’s buildings do not meet the 2030 emissions goals under the law

“President Trump – you’re on notice,” de Blasio said in a statement. “Your polluting buildings are part of the problem. Cut your emissions or pay the price.”

When the mayor first unveiled his so-called ban on glass and steel skyscrapers last month, he highlighted the American Copper Buildings in Manhattan’s Murray Hill and some Cornell Tech buildings Roosevelt Island as examples of how triple glazing or high-tech heating and cooling systems can make glass-wrapped structures energy efficient.

De Blasio’s office estimates that Trump’s buildings produce roughly 27,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases into the air, the equivalent of 5,800 cars. The most recently collected data by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability shows that several of Trump’s building receive low marks on a 100-point scale of Energy Star, an efficiency program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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