BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders 2020 Ballots Be Made In Spanish

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Posted 5 days ago

Reports on Tuesday are confirming that a Federal Judge has ordered the 2020 ballots in 32 Florida counties be provided in spanish.

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New reports indicate that US District Judge Mark Walker recently ordered 32 counties in Florida to provide Spanish-language ballots, along with other help for non-English speaking voters, ahead of the March 2020 presidential primary election.

Walker’s injunction now orders 32 Florida counties to provide assistance for Spanish-speaking voters, which is similar to an earlier ruling which he attempted to enact before the November 2018 midterms.

“Compliance with this order is not optional,” wrote Walker, vowing to “use every tool the law provides to enforce this order.”

From CBS Miami:

A federal judge Friday ordered 32 Florida counties to provide Spanish-language ballots and other assistance to Spanish-speaking voters for the March 2020 presidential primary election.

Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker issued a preliminary injunction that follows a similar ruling in September.

In the earlier ruling, Walker required the 32 counties to provide Spanish-language sample ballots but did not require Spanish-language ballots and other assistance, saying there wasn’t enough time before the November 2018 elections.

The ruling Friday goes further in requiring Spanish-language ballots.

The case has focused on Puerto Rican voters and part of the federal Voting Rights Act aimed at people who were educated in schools where the predominant language was not English.

It seeks to ensure they are not denied the right to vote in Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis last month directed Secretary of State Laurel Lee to begin a rule-making process to address the availability of Spanish-language ballots and Spanish-language voter assistance.

In the 16-page ruling Friday, Walker praised the move by DeSantis but wrote that the issue “is what measures this court must order between now and the effective date of the state’s final rule to ensure that the various jurisdictions comply” with the Voting Rights Act.

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