ISIS Plot Uncovered at Border

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 15 days ago

Our border crisis is laughing stock old the world and even ISIS is trying to advantage of it.

ISIS reportedly plotted to send terrorists through our southern border.

From The New York Post:

SIS plotted to smuggle English-speaking terrorists through the Mexican border to carry out a financial attack that would “cripple” the US economy, according to a new report.

Details of the terror group’s failed plan to exploit the southern border emerged in a confession last month from one recruit, Abu Henricki, who ultimately refused to go along with the mission.

“They were going to move me to the Mexican side [of the US southern border] via Puerto Rico. This was mastermind[ed] by a guy in America. Where he is, I do not know,” Henricki admitted to the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism. “That information, the plan came from someone from the New Jersey state from America. I was going to take a boat [from Puerto Rico] into Mexico. He was going to smuggle me in.”

In the 90-minute interview on May 12, Henricki said he was enlisted to join ISIS by its intelligence wing, known as the emni, in 2016.

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