BREAKING: Federal Obama Judge Blocks Trump Administration!

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Posted 9 days ago

President Trump is doing his best to make pharmaceutical companies more transparent, but an Obama judge has blocked the policy.

The judge said it is up to Congress to require drug companies to reveal their prices during ads.

From The Hill:

A federal judge on Monday sided with a coalition of drug companies and blocked the Trump administration from implementing a policy that would require prescription drug manufacturers to disclose list prices in TV ads.

The pharmaceutical companies - Amgen, Merck, and Eli Lilly - were joined in the lawsuit by the Association of National Advertisers. The rule was scheduled to take effect Tuesday.

U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta in Washington, D.C. agreed with the drug companies that the Department of Health and Human Services does not have the authority to compel drug companies to disclose prices.

"To be clear, the court does not question HHS's motives in adopting the [rule]," Mehta wrote. "Nor does it take any view on the wisdom of requiring drug companies to disclose prices. That policy very well could be an effective tool in halting the rising cost of prescription drugs. But no matter how vexing the problem of spiraling drug costs may be, HHS cannot do more than what Congress has authorized. The responsibility rests with Congress to act in the first instance."

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